The WealthBuilders Community

Building wealth with the mind & the bank account

Who We Are

The WealthBuilders Community is a private community that shows you how to confidently build wealth, so that you can live a stress free, debt free, and financially free life.

Our Mission

We bring together working professionals and entrepreneurs looking for the support needed to grow financially. We help them develop the wealth building mindset, habits, and knowledge necessary to excel, so that we can achieve financial freedom, create generational wealth, and become confident in managing, saving, and investing our money.

The WealthBuilders Community is here to help you learn exactly what you need to know while also showing you how to do it!

As a WB Member, you will get:

  • All-the-time Access to Financial Educations Tools & Resources - You will gain 24/7 access to online financial classes, guides, checklists, and spreadsheets that will be housed in your online library. Move at your own pace 
  • Daily Financial Breakdowns & Discussions - Stay up-to-date and begin understanding how current events impact your life. Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspectives everyday. 
  • Step-by-Step Investment Education - Learn where to start investing, how to research new investments, and how to make money by investing
  • Access to a Global Community of Like-Minded Individuals -  Surround yourself with thousands of global, like-minded individuals who are on the same wealth building journey as you
  • Exclusive VIP Access - Before any of our Empify programs, guides, classes, and events are released to the public, you will get exclusive access to everything released in WB app. As a member, you will receive both free and discounted financial resources. You will also get access to exclusive member-only merchandise. 
  • Get 24/7 Access to Events, Classes, and All Replays - Everyone’s schedule is different, so if you miss a class or an event, you can watch it, later, in the app or on the computer. The WealthBuilders Community content and network can be accessed in the palm of your hand from anywhere and at any point.
  • Mentality & Money Book Series - Participate in weekly round table discussions that help you apply the best books to your life and money. 
  • Monthly Challenges - If you find it hard to save, invest, pay down debt, or tackle your personal goals, do not worry. You will have the ability to reach individual goals by participating in monthly group challenges. 
  • Motivation Videos, Podcast, and Support - Get constant inspiration and support from the Empify team and members from all around the world. Get access to in-depth discussions, podcasts, quotes and life changing material that can help support you along your journey.